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TxS standing for Tokyo via Shanghai was established in 1996. TxS was established to create a bridge between Shanghai and Tokyo, supplying high quality leather to both counters and bring two different culturals together with their common interest in leather. With facilities located in Shanghai and Tokyo you can talk to local people and get outsanding results. Founded by Mr Shirakawa in 1996 the business became a co-joint business with Mr. Murata, with over 20 years of experience, and a reputation of providing high quality leather to customers with no hasitle. We take pride in our leather, we choose all the best hides, and create outstanding leather, and everything is monitored carefully by a team of highly trained staffs.

Already supplying raw leather, wallets, purses and other leather goods to over fifteen different companies, you can trust us to bring you the highest quality leather in Tokyo and Shanghai. Our dream in the future is to extend our bridge to other countrys and supply high quialty leather to other countrys and understand each other cultures.

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Leadership In the Company

Mr Murata, the CEO of the company. Established the company in 1996, hoping to supply high quility leather to countries around the world and give people joy with the wallets he personally designed. Mr Murata came out of WASEDA Univeristy in 1970 and worked in a leather company for 26 years gaining knowledge of what consumers need and want. He was the lead designer for the company for over 15 years and gained experience in many different countries and understanding many different cultures.

After meeting Mr Shirakawa, in 1990, in Tokyo, they had a common intereset in leather. Even if the came from different parts of the world, leather connected each individual and made a strong bond between each other. They wanted to share this joy to other people around the world and decided to establish a company of their own in 1996. Thus TxS came about, Tokyo vis Shanghai. Mr Murata San coming from Tokyo and Mr Shirakawa coming from Shanghai.

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Official Online Store

We also have a EC website for the customer who would like to buy single wallets or multiply choices. They High quility leather good can be shiped to your location, in Japan, fast and without hesitation, in 3 working days. Feel free to have a look at our products.

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Our business hours are from 8 am to 6 pm. We are opened From Monday to Friday. We do not open on Public holidays

Address: Tokyo, Asakusabashi 1-23-1 p.o.box 111-0053
Telephone: 03-5809-2417
FAX: 03-5809-2417
Others: 080-8918-1502
E-mail: j.h.lee@hotmail.co.nz